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Price List:

Adirondack Cypress Chairs

The Danish™Adult Adirondack Chair  

Singles $160 each, Two or more $140 Each

The Viking™Adult Adirondack  

The Norsemen™ Adult Adirondack Chair

Singles $160 each, Two or more $140 Each

$150 each, Sold in Pairs or More only

The Original Nantucket™ Chair  

 $145 each, Sold in Pairs or More only

Adirondack Love Seat

$295 each

Dining Chair
Newburyport™ Cypress Dining Chair $200 each, Sold in Pairs or More only

Deep Seating Cypress Chairs

Limbert/Westport Style Deep Seating Chair

Less cushions

Singles $300 each, Two or more $280 Each

Limbert/Westport Style Deep Seating Settee

Less cushions


Cypress Footstool

Slant Top

$65 each, $50 with chair purchase Each 

Cypress Benches 

6 foot, Curved Leg Backless


5 foot, Curved Leg Backless


4 Foot, Curved Leg Backless


58 inch, Curved Seat Bench with Backrest


Custom Sizes

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Cypress Tables 

Round Camp Side Tables

18"D x 20.5"H

22"D x 20.5"H




Round 48” Diameter, 17.5 Height/28.5 Height


Round 36” Diameter, 17.5 Height/28.5 Height


Rectangular 19.5"W x 24L x 20.25H Trestle Leg

$90 Each, $75 with Chair purchase

Limbert/Westport Cocktail Table

$125 Each, $105 with Chair purchase

Cypress Deck & Patio Dining Tables 

Custom Sizes & Shapes only

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Note: All prices subject to change without notice.

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